6 Dream Hikes In The United States

Hiking is one of the most interesting adventures. The best time to hike in United States is usually during summer. To make the event more memorable, you should go to hiking as a group.

this article expounds on the most interesting hikes in the United States. Notably, many organizations usually limit the number of visitors to avoid crowding. The 6 most interesting hikes in United States include;

Coyote Buttes North

Coyote Buttes North is a “ swirling Mars-like sandstone rock formation“. The hikes only permit 20 people daily. Notably, the permits to visit this hike must be booked three months in advance.


There are no marked trails thus hikers are usually provided with GPS Points to enable them navigate through the desert.

Denali Road Lottery

The road runs through Denali Park thus providing a good view of the forest and mount Denali. During weekends, the site offers free access to the public for short hike. Hikes are usually during summer because during winter, snow makes it difficult to drive on the terrain.

Havasu Falls

Havasu falls is one of the interesting hikes in USA. The site hosts over 350 people daily. Reservations to the facility have to be made in February each year.

Mount Whitney Trail

The trail is found in Sequoia National Park in California. It’s a favorite spot for hikers because mount Whitney is the tallest mountain. Climbing the mountain is an exciting adventure for many people.

Half Dome Route


It`s found in Yosemite national park. it`s preferred by people because people climb the mountain without equipment. It`s one of the challenges in mountain climbing adventure.

To conclude, before embarking on a hiking activity, you should consider the weather,some activities are only carried out in certain times of the year. Notably, you should obtain relevant permits and pay the entrance fees on time to avoid last minute cancellation.