6 Easy Ways To Travel Eco-Friendly

If you have been living a green lifestyle for a while, it’s time to take it a notch higher and incorporate it in your travels. People have become more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly vacations are growing more popular.

By adjusting how you travel, making a few important choices, and thinking in an eco-friendly perspective, you can move from one place to another without leaving a negative impact on Mother Earth. Let’s look at 6 ways to travel eco-friendly.

Avoid Air Travel If Possible or Take Direct Routes

When it comes to transportation, air travel is responsible for the biggest gas emissions. You can reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding air travel if possible or taking direct routes.

vacation on sea

Avoid flights with many stopovers. Stopovers make the journey longer, which means more fuel and more carbon emissions. Even if that flight is cheaper, spend a little bit more on a direct flight, and the environment will thank you. Also, you can travel by train.

Carpool With Friends and Family

Traveling using your own car maybe comfortable and you have the freedom to do anything you want but, imagine the emissions that would be in the atmosphere if everyone chose to drive their own car.

Next time you’re traveling, consider carpooling with friends and family. It’ll go a long way in reducing emissions from vehicles on the road. Also, it’s cheaper.

Use Public Transport

Another easy way of traveling eco-friendly is through public transport. A bus produces lesser emissions that ten cars on the road. Also, taking a bus reduces traffic which leaves the cars idle and emitting gases. If your city has electric buses, they’re a better choice. You can read more in this article.

Walk or Ride a Bicycle

When traveling locally for short distances, it’s not a must that you drive a car or take a bus; walk or ride a bike. Don’t be lazy. Riding a bike for four miles prevents fifteen pounds of pollutants from being emitted into the atmosphere. If you’re going to a local grocery or restaurant, walk there.


It will save you fuel costs, you’ll impact the environment positively, and you will also improve your health, as walking and riding have been known to boost heart health and reduce diabetes.

Pack Lighter

Many people may see this as insignificant, but heavy loads have a significant impact on the environment. If you pack lighter, the plane, the bus, or the car will be lighter. That means a lesser fuel consumption and minimal gas emissions to our mother nature.

Beware of What You Carry

When traveling, don’t carry disposable plastic bags or plastic bottles. These items are responsible for the huge buildup of wastes in landfills, oceans, and lakes. Consider bringing along reusable bags and bottles.

These are all easy ways to do something for the environment while you’re traveling. Make better choices the next time you travel, be it locally or out of town.