7 Reasons I Prefer Sketch Over Photoshop

Sketch drawing is an extremely normal drawing made by numerous artisans considering all things. An artisan can draw sketches of moments in case he discovers what attracts his eye. That meticulous outline will help an artisan to form a conclusive drawing of a similar object. The following are seven reasons I Prefer Sketch Over Photoshop.

1. New content styles

Photoshop has That element, too. In any case, it may not be natural and it seems that it never works correctly. In Sketch, the management of the content styles is simple and understandable, and the best thing is that in case it changes by chance or is a feature of a content with the right style, it is not connected in the amazing style until the point that youreload in style.

2. The liquid plugin for a flexible design

This plugin was a revelation for me. Now it could characterize restrictions to maintain constant line between features or internal meetings.


That means that in case you increase the substance and have characterized a few restrictions in advance, simply press Update and your design will adjust to that change. It is not necessary to renew the features after changing the size of one.

3. New editable symbols

When we compare sketch vs photoshop, a Sketch is amazing. You can put symbols and that means you can create capture symbols and place them in some other image.

In addition, you can scale the symbols now and do not ignore them: now you can fill in the content fields and the image holders of each image with a customized substance. That makes the symbols more and more useful and flexible.

4. The properties of the content boxes

In Sketch padding-top and – the basis of the content fields is based on the height of the line. That has a truly huge impact of the vertical lines between the elements that are below or more.


Photoshop avoids that, Sketch does not. That means that with Sketch, the architect and engineer no longer need to calculate lines and fills between content fields. Simply copy and paste the lines you find in Sketch and offer it to the designer.

5. Renaming layers without double-clicking

However, that sounds ridiculous, since I am using shortcuts at any possible point, hitting cmd + r is much faster than doing a double click with the mouse or the pen in That small layer content and you know: there are numerous layers.

6. The way message fields only change their size when you fill it with content

When you create a content with Photoshop and fill it with more content than your height allows, you must change the size of the paragraph in your message or make manual cuts. Sketch simply makes the content box larger. No more, but not less.

7. Shadows and other properties

With Sketch, each feature is simple to create and distribute. There is no need to relegate the consequences in layers. Everything is based on CSS, which is extremely good because now you can tell the designer what values and settings you should use.


Sketching is something that is done quickly and in a fraction of a second by an artisan to save it a little later. Give some reference about the object that will be worked on later. It is usually possible that the sketches are not really accurate in the measurement or they look like the first object. From time to time it can be debated very well that it is an inappropriate method to demonstrate the thoughts of a craftsman.