Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side

Everybody has a masculine and feminine qualities that define who they are. The masculine side of an individual is expressed when you are working on your goals, making some progress and getting things done while pushing yourself forward.

On the other hand, your feminine being is conveyed when you change with the flow of life, embrace you creative energy, play, dance and attune to your own internal processes.

Moreover, these two opposite energies are vital to embody in order to feel complete. Although men incline to identify themselves more with masculine energy, it is enjoyable for them to be flexible and let go, the same applies to women since they tend to flow with the flow of life, but also like being clear, progressive and decisive.

Nonetheless, it is natural for people to have outlets for both masculine and feminine tendencies. Whenever you are stressed and seeking renewal, it is for sure you can have it. Highlighted below are some of the practical ways you can get in touch with your feminine self.

1. Reflect

Today, most people are busy fulfilling their life goals to the extent they rarely listen to what is going on inside them. If you always act in an extroverted way, it creates a schism within; hence making you lose touch with your inner self.


This can easily be modified by internally connecting to who you are. The most outstanding way to achieve this is to start a therapy. Whenever you work out with a therapist to explore your thoughts and feelings, you are basically diving into your deeper feminine side.

2. Go to Nature

Different places can be characterized as being either feminine or masculine depending on the overarching features. The feminine places are full of energy.

Places like parks, jungle, forest and oceans are abundant with natural feminine energy. Visits such places when you are feeling out of sync and in need of revitalization.

3. Be creative

The feminine energy is associated with creative force. For instance, if you think of a woman’s body, the femininity is expressed in human form, and their bodies are men=ant to create life. Creation can occur in different ways including artistic expression, dance, writing, painting, or dreaming up new ideas. Anything that expresses your flow of creativity is considered feminine.

4. Hone your emotional expression

Masculinity is defined by logic on the other hand, feminine is voiced through emotions. Everyone has their emotional selves, however, we have not learned on how to understand our own selves.


Whenever you are confused about your emotional process, you need not to worry you can learn to be more attuned to yourself. You can achieve this by listening to hoe you feel. As you get to understand your feeling states, you will automatically get accustomed to feel more whole again.

5. Value Spontaneity

Honestly, people do not value vacation, downtime and rest as much as they should. We always want to get things done, and more often we get overworked and do not experience and respond to the spontaneous joy of life. In most circumstances, people wait until they get out of work vacation to feel playful and relaxed again. Stop waiting that long you can always create mini vacations every day.