Hookah Buying Guide for Beginners

Buying your first executive hookah does not need to be a tiring experience, but there are several factors you need to consider when making your ultimate choice. There are several models available on the market, and every one offers an exclusive experience to hookah smoker beginners. Therefore, it is essential to ask yourself a couple of questions to ascertain you are selecting an ideal model for your usage.

Hookahs are much like us. They are available in all sizes and shapes, some of which are ideal for the experience you are searching for.

The number of hoses, height and price of a hookah will have a significant impact on your first hookah experience. Here are several factors to consider when buying hookah.

Hookah Materials

Some hookah experts argue that the best material is solid brass. Most hookahs that are made with brass material are seen as the most solid pipes, heaviest, and last for a long time. These pipes may oxidize, but they never corrode. The only problem with hookahs designed with brass is that they need regular polishing to maintain their shine and luster.


While some users prefer combinations of stainless steel with copper or brass, stainless steel has its disadvantages. For instance, a hooker that possesses a low-quality stainless material is always susceptible to rusting and corrosion according to Smokey News.

Hookah Height

Selecting an ideal height for a hookah is a preference to most users. Experienced hookah smokers, for example, incline toward hookahs between twenty-eight inches and thirty-two inches. This height range is ideal for easy handling and performance. Nevertheless, if you travel a lot and like camping, you may be forced to purchase a much shorter hookah due to portability issues.


On the other hand, if you intend to smoke on your outdoor patio, you may be needed to acquire a tall hookah that can be positioned on the ground next to a high table. Height of the hookah indeed plays a significant role in its performance. A large vase and stem are known to hold more smoke and can generate much more smoke upon inhaling. However, this does not mean that small hookahs do not smoke well. As a matter of fact, many small hookahs smoke incredibly well.

The Hookah Hose Options

A four-hose hookah seems fantastic and would be suitable for a party. Irrespective of their looks, multiple-hose hookahs are not what they are designed to be. The more the number of hoses, the more the performance lowers, and the more challenging a hookah is to smoke.

A major reason why it is difficult to manage a multiple-hose pipe hookah is that each individual that has a hose in hand has to fill their tip when they are not smoking.

When one hose tip is not filled, for instance, an individual who is smoking will not get sufficient suction to pull out the smoke.Luckily, the multiple-hose issues can be overcome. Various traditional multiple-hose hookahs come with rubber stoppers, and this makes it easier to convert a hookah into a one-hose hookah.


On the other hand, you can choose a modern hookah that embraces a check valve system as it is much more controllable.

The last factor to consider is the price of the hooker. When buying a hooker for around $30, chances are you are buying something that is somehow junky. Else, when you spend approximately $100 on your hookah, chances are you will be buying something that will serve you for years.