How Can I Improve My Chipping

If you have missed the green with your approach shot, you’ve got to have a great chip shot in your bag to get it close to the pin and save par. The best chipping tip is to practice.

I know guys who will intentionally miss the green if they think their approach shot won’t land within 10 feet of the hole.

This is particularly true in undulating greens with tricky breaks. Having confidence in their chip shot, they know they can take the break out of the green by lofting the ball over the break and getting it close to the pin. Here are the basics of chipping.

The setup

Your posture remains the same as any other shot. A straight spine and aligned shoulders hips and toes are essential. What’s different is you will want to put 70% of your weight on your leading leg. Also, you want to make sure your sternum is in front of the ball, which means you will be leaning slightly forward.

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Grip the shaft at the base of the grip. This really shortens the club and gives you more control. Move your hands and the shaft to your leading leg so that your left arm is parallel to your left leg. chipping and pitching drills is very effective, and if you aren’t hitting greens in regulation, you really need to develop this shot and be able to use it with confidence.

The swing

The chip is like a mini iron shot, and you want to hit down and through the ball. In the setup, the club may be slightly off the ground, and that’s ok because you want to strike the ball at the bottom of the swing. It is really important that you be totally relaxed in this swing.

If you want to loft the ball more, then your finish should have the clubface pointing up at the sky. If your intention is to run the ball, then the clubface should be pointing at the target.

How to relax

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Take a tip from breathing relaxation techniques. When you are set up, take a deep breath. As you swing, breathe out through your mouth evenly. So long as you are breathing out, your muscles will remain relaxed, and you’ll make a smoother swing.