Things You Can Do in Pittsburgh Right Now

Pittsburgh ranks among the liveliest cities in America. Even though it is not densely populated as most cities, I think it is an ideal idea to visit for a serene venture. The life at Pittsburgh is affordable, and, it records low crime rates since the majority of the population is civilized. There are plenty of fun things to do in Pittsburgh say sporting, gaming, visiting museums, restaurants, parks among others. There is no a good time to visit Pittsburgh, you can visit during summer, springs or winter, you will find plenty of stuff to wallow about in the city.

Pittsburgh at night

In this article, I discuss the fantastic things that are a must do in Pittsburgh. If you are having a holiday and are afraid it will get boring, it is time you and your family indulge in the escape the room games in Pittsburgh. It is also an enticing way to spend your stay in the city. Some of the thing you can do in Pittsburgh right now include;

1. Drive in the steepest streets

Beechview around Canton Avenue is one of the steepest sceneries in Pittsburgh. The area features in many car commercials. Its gradient is fantastic for a drive up and down. However, it is not recommended to cycle in the area. Even so, you can only cycle if you are well acquainted with the are and hence participate for Pittsburgh’s dangerous, dirty race.

2. Visit Lawrenceville Church Brew Works

Here, you can indulge to the maximum. You get to feel like a naughty catholic school kid for partying in a scene that used to be a church. Pittsburgh has a habit of converting old buildings into bars.

Example, the Church Brew Works, is a renovation of the old St. John’s the Baptist Church. At this venue, you feel exquisite dining at the pews right at the altar where vats of beer get placed.

3. Pittsburgh Randyland

Stop at Randy Gilson house and see his beautiful arts. The artist welcomes visitors to his house to showcase his expertise in his work of art. Randy is friendly and hospitable. The Randyland ‘house’ got purchased in 1995 using a credit card. Since then, it has become a face of art for the city. The house serves as an epic platform whereby Randy gives exposure to his finesse arts. You can visit there all year round apart from twenty-fourth to twenty-sixth of December.

4. Attend a Sporting Event

There are myriads of sporting activities in Pittsburgh. Say soccer, college basketball, women’s football among others. Sporting activities serve as a nice venture to see the enchanting sceneries such as the Heinz Field, PNC Park, and the PPG Paints Arena.

Pittsburgh Panorama

The city hosts a couple of sports throughout the year. Hence you have a chance to secure a fantastic time gaming in the city of Steel.

5. Adventure at the Museum

You have not toured Pittsburgh until you are at Warhol. There are plenty of things new thing on daily and weekly basis. The museum is founded on the celebrations of a soup icon. In this juncture, you must visit the cloud room since you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Here, there is always something fabulous and exciting to do. It is time you tour Pittsburgh and get adventurous