What Kind of Tattoo Should You Get?

Due to a large number of tattoo lovers who prefer to wear an individual tattoo, the popularity of online competitions means that they now have a great range. Websites that provide this type of platform are the highest in search engines.

More and more artists, from novices to experienced designers, face the problem of creating individual designs and custom tattoo. Here are the criteria that must be taken into consideration to improve your design, to reach the winning part.

Creativity: Providing original work can provide the owner’s attention. Part of the original designer appears, so be creative and innovative in your design.


Size: In a non-standard design competition, the host usually provides the same size as the design. Develop a flexible design that can be extended or compressed. Sizes range from large (more than six inches, but less than 10), medium (three to six inches) and small (within three to three inches).

It is also best to know the size of the part where the tattoo will be placed. This way, you will know the size of the schedule that must fit the needs of the host.

Location: No tattoo can be signed anywhere. There is a tattoo that is based on the site. Find out which part of the body will be tattooed to create a particular pattern. The body parts categories are classified as follows: back, which can be the entire back, only the upper part of the back or the lower part of the back. Leg, with designs designed to cover the entire leg or only part of the leg.

Tattoo artist

The arm and tattoo may cover part, whole or part, or only a small part of the shoulder. The shoulder usually covers the whole shoulder structure. Neck or necklaces are just a necklace — the stomach and head, but usually only part. Of course, there is a tattoo of the body in general. All of this must be taken into consideration for the type of design you will do.

Design and style. With many designs and styles related to different themes and categories, you need to know what type of design the customer wants to draw. Style ranges from military design to tattoo design in different Tattoo Shop.

Color: Good artist knows the color. Some tattoos have the same color. Others require multi-colored varieties. Even though competition is free in shape, it means that you control the color or types of colors from bright colors to solid colors, look at the skin color and touch the customer’s skin. Make something look good on the customer’s skin, instead of creating what he thinks is the best. Your image may not look good in the long term if it is signed on an opposite color, because it may have serious consequences.


Individual tattooing benefits the artist and the owner. Just make sure that if you add, you provide the appropriate details needed for your tattoo design. Make notes and recommendations to the artist. These designers are often open to making changes to their design according to client needs. If you are a tattoos designer, follow these guidelines to come up with a unique design that can give you global recognition and, of course, bring you a great income.