Which Spray Tan Machine is the Best

Getting a spray tan machine is one of the investments you can make to take care of your skin. With hundreds of these machines sold in the market today, finding one can be a daunting task. A good spray tan gun should help you achieve an even tone and a natural looking tan on your skin. Discussed below are five of the best tools that can help you achieve this goal.

1. Fascination FX

Fascination FX comes with a powerful turbine motor and an ergonomic handle. It is among the best spray tan machines you can get with respect to its compact and lightweight design. Fascination FX has a sound dampening enclosure for baffling sound and dual filters for controlling the quality of the spray. Its fluid control knob and quick-connect fitting allows you to take simple fluid measurements and make precise spray adjustments.

2. MaxiMist Evolution

With a lightweight design and easy-to-use spray gun, MaxiMist Evolution can help you get your sunless tan in minutes. It boasts of a powerful 2 Stage Turbine motor of 570 watts and a German-engineered spray nozzle for increasing the atomization of the spray solution.

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The device also comes with onboard spray gun storage, a spray gun nozzle gasket, 3 TNT spray heads and an 11.5-foot hose. It has a carrier that is large enough for carrying items such as towels.

3. Apollo Mini Mist

You’ll find Apollo Mini Mist incredibly helpful if you’re just getting started with spray tanning procedures. The affordable machine features a lightweight turbine and sound dampening technology to improve your spray tanning experience. It also comes with an applicator made of stainless steel to increase the atomization. As a user-friendly machine, the Apollo Mini Mist promises to deliver durability and top performance speeds.

4. Venus Spray Machine

Unlike other machines for spray tanning, Venus Spray Machine operates as a design and technical refinement system. It has a highly-efficient motor and a sound dampening enclosure.

It also features trim accents with a gloss and contracting chrome finish for styling. Other notable features on the Venus Spray Machine include a removable air filter, LED light indicator and adjustable spray patterns.

5. MaxiMist Lite Plus

Lite Plus from MaxiMist is a spray tan machine that can allow you to make more than ten tans in a day. The easy-to-use device also features a 200-watt motor, 6.5-foot hose, ergonomic components and a clog-free design.

It is the best option you can get achieving maximum fine mist atomization with little overspray. It comes with three spray tanning solutions that suit several skin types.


Factors to consider when getting a spray tan machine include its ease of use, ergonomic design and overspray. The machine should come with an easy to use gun, a flexible and soft hose and a motor of high wattage. Besides considering its price and warranty information, you also need to consider its sound dampening features and exterior looks. The spray machine should be portable and easy to clean to improve your spray tanning endeavors.