Why Do We Give Diamond Rings For Engagement

An engagement ring indicates that the person bearing it is set to be married especially in the Western cultures. But there is little cynicism about the whole ring thing.

Apparently, the tradition of presenting an expensive diamond engagement ring was made by advertising, or so some people think.

People familiar with the matter cite a 1939 De Beers’s advertisement campaign as the genesis of this “purposeless opulence” that has become the bane of modern courtships and marriage. Cynicism aside, why do we give diamond rings for engagement?Here is important source

1. A diamond is forever


The De Beers advertisement campaign could have been right – a diamond is forever. There is symbolism around the preference for a diamond ring as an engagement right. With their unbreakable chemistry and aesthetic brilliance, diamonds are emblematic of eternal commitment required in marriage.

2. Unlike gold, diamond rings are hard to destroy

Pure gold is easily malleable. Diamonds, on another hand, don’t change shape or get easily destroyed by fire and stress – although they still can, just not easily. Another thing has to do with general beauty. Gold only shines with beautiful yellowish hues.


Diamonds, on another hand, can be carefully cut by gemmologists to show sophisticated spackles. That, and the fact that diamonds come in more than one color makes them be a preferable gem to place on an engagement ring. Wouldn’t it be cute and satisfying to have such brilliance and sparkle on your finger?

3. Reason number 3 could be…we just don’t know why we always settle on diamond rings

A diamond ring has been almost permanently encrusted in popular culture to sort of becoming an icon, especially in the realms of marriage and engagement.

Even small children recognize it as an engagement symbol. It can be easily concluded that a lot of people (who might think of popping the big question with a diamond ring already on the finger)don’t really know how a diamond ring came to define engagement and they never inquire why – because it just doesn’t matter much to them.